10 Feb 2016

Happy New Year of the Monkey 2016 !

Kung Hei Fatt Choy to all my lovely readers and supporters!

The Year of the Monkey is finally here bringing much anticipation of a great year ahead for all of us. I did not head back to Singapore this year for festivities with the family so to kick off celebrations this year (making the best of it here in Hong Kong) we had a spread of the traditional Hotpot with " Lo Hei"!

My lovely neighbours and I had this wonderful " Lo Hei" which is a traditional toss salad widely popular especially during the Lunar New Year. Although it is not a Chinese tradition per se, but more of that of a Singapore / Malaysia tradition, yet it is catching on. I even saw a pre-packed version now available in our Hong Kong supermarkets. With every ingredient in the salad resembling some auspicious meaning for good luck and wealth in the family, it was a great delight to share with friends and family at this time of the year.

The weather amazingly started to slightly warm up during the day here in Hong Kong and then dropping to a cooler 7 - 9 degrees in the evening, I was so lucky to be able to put on this chinese dress, otherwise known as a " cheongsam" that was sleeveless, even during Hong Kong's Winter. This was in fact one of those outfits from Foster Bay ( my previous online clothing store) which we had sold over Chinese New Year a few years back and it's nice to have it out again for old times sake! Miss running that business though... it was fun!

Wanted to stick to a more traditional route this year so nails were a bright red and gold, and jade jewelry came out of the safe, to bring back the old Shanghai feel.

Even whilst in the midst of this photoshoot, the weather significantly got colder, so I threw on this faux fur peachy pink coat to keep warm and it was the first time ever I had to match a fur coat to my cheongsams! Always celebrated Chinese New Year back in Singapore with hot, humid weather and everyone was going for sleeveless dresses or tops - so to throw on a fur coat over my cheongsam for the first time, it felt weird yet fun!

These really old pair of Burgundy Mary Janes was whipped out of the closet for that perfect heel height match to a busy evening. Love how that tone of red just stands out instead of a bright chilli red.

Here's one for the old " vintage" look for the album!

Here's wishing one and all a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Year of the Monkey!! For a little fun trivia before I sign off, do have fun checking out your horoscope for the Year of the Monkey based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. You may wish to click on this link to read your horoscope for the Year of the Monkey!

Cheongsam ( Dress) : old, Foster Bay ( similar styles here)
Coat : Maple ( similar here & here)
Shoes : old ( similar here)
Earrings & Jade pendant : (similar here & here)
Bangle : ( similar here

Simone xoxo Women's Pink Fur Jacket, Burgundy Shift Dress, Burgundy Leather Pumps on Lookastic: Pink Fur Jacket, Burgundy Shift Dress, Burgundy Leather Pumps

6 Feb 2016

Cape Town :: Burgundy Cape + Hat

"Hello from the outside" .... ( ha ha... sorry I just couldn't help it! Just been hearing that Adele song over and over again on most radio stations.)

With just 2 days to go before the Lunar New Year holidays, here is a look one can style for those colder days out visiting friends and family for the celebrations.

As always, Red is the auspicious colour of the new year, but try deviating a little and go for a richer Burgundy tone to your outfit. Always wanted to style capes, so this was a perfect item I found recently and matched it with a nice Burgundy hat to add that finishing touch.

As forecasted here in Hong Kong, it will be a pretty cold 10 degrees for the start of the New Year. My hands are always the first to get real cold and so good old leather gloves came out of the wardrobe to add to the final touches of this outfit. Can you believe it I had these gloves for a good 17 - 17 years now. Amazing and they still are in such good condition.

If you haven't noticed, I do not particularly like looking directly into the camera for most of my blog post but this time it was more unintentional than intentional. There was loud rustling coming from the trees and from higher ground. Hence I was literally searching for the souce of those sounds whilst the camera clicked away. Guess what I found?

Yes... MONKEYS!!! A good omen perhaps? They are probably out hunting for food in this cold weather and was jumping from branches to branches. Coincidentally 2016 is the Year of the Monkey so I hope my rare spotting of these monkeys will bring me good luck!

Having styled this first cape outfit of mine - am loving the way this clothing item falls and the look it creates. If you haven't tried " caping" this would be the best time to trend them. Layering seems to be the best way to deal with the cold weather.

Here are my wishlist for different cape styles for this Winter. " Getting The Look For Less" I decided to head back to my favourite online store - Shein.com to showcase some of their lovely and most affordable capes which you can add to your wardrobe.

These capes are going from 30 - 60% off with prices starting US$ 25 and with 24 hrs shipping this is such a perfect deal!

Camel Removable Fur Hooded Double Breasted Cape  ( US$68.67)

Black Hooded Loose Cape ( US$25.92)

Grey Notch Lapel Cape Coat ( US$ 29.99)

Navy Hooded Double Breasted Pockets Cape ( US$33.48)

Khaki Round Neck Loose Woollen Cape ( US$ 27.90)
Wishing all of you a Happy & Prosperous Year of the Monkey and may you achieve all your dreams and goals this year!

Turtleneck : H&M
Cape : H&M
Leggings : Uniqlo
Brooch : Chanel // Gloves : old ( similar here)
Boots : Stuart Weitzman
Hat : Maple
Simone xoxo
Women's on Lookastic:

26 Jan 2016

Feeling Ethnic :: Shein.com Embroidered Loose Dress ( Featured)

Hi everyone.

I hope all of you are keeping warm with the crazy changes in weather over in the States. And for those of you here in Hong Kong, experiencing chills which was last felt this cold almost 60 years ago. 

As promised in a previous post, this is the second outfit by the kind people at Shein.com who had sent me 2 outfits to showcase to my readers. If you had missed the first one, click here to read the post.

Obviously this picture was taken just before the cold snap hit. With Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day just around the corner, many of you here in Asia are starting to get new clothes and prep for the big festival. Naturally, online shopping seems to be a good way to pick up great bargains and of course, with the mercury dropping - getting new stuff from the comfort of the warmth of your homes seem to be the best bet for the moment. 

Although traditionally, wearing black on new year's is pretty much frowned upon in chinese culture, however these days many of the younger generation have broken that " rule". So why not consider this outfit which has a little ethnic influence for the new year. If you do not celebrate Chinese New Year, this is certainly a nice little black number for that romantic Valentine's Dinner with that special someone. Great length, perfect with heels and an easy to go from Dinner to Drinks/ Dance after outfit.

Am loving the embroidered detailing on the hemline of this loose dress. It was cut loose and pretty A-line in shape therefore, I decided to belt it up with my leather obi belt to cinch in the waist for an elegant touch to this dress.

I had also purchased these cute little tassles for hooking on to the zippers of my clutch for a DIY change to some of them. Whilst styling for this outfit post I found a totally different purpose for them this time. Hooking them up as tassles to a simple stiletto heels for that party look.

My girlfriend recently sent me this necklace from Thailand which was so ideal to pair it with this dress to bring out that whole ethnic feel in the outfit. This Swarovski inspired style of jelly stacked bangles in rose gold completed the whole look.

Click here check out this look at Shein.com or browse their many new arrivals for that perfect outfit for your upcoming events. 

Dress : Shein.com ( get it here)
Belt : Asos ( similar here)
Shoes : Romwe.com ( get it here)
Bag Tassles : Cotton On 
Bag : Foster Bay ( similar here & here)
Jewelry : thanks Joanne for the pretty necklace ( similar here) //
H&M Bangles (  get it here)

Simone xoxo
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24 Jan 2016


Brr.... been watching the blizzards in America on CNN and here in Hong Kong for the first time, it's 3 degrees!! Yes and we are hardly decked out for such cold weather. Gosh what is going on....

Anyway since many of you are probably tucked up in the warmth of your homes, this is a perfect time to participate in this latest giveaway which my fellow blogger friends and I have put together to " warm" your toes a little!


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There are just way too many things I could easily get on Amazon however if you prefer to opt for Cash via Paypal - the option is purely yours!! Have fun and keep warm!!

Simone xoxo